Abercrombie Book
Abercrombie Book

Abercrombie Caves

160 pages, hard-cover

ISBN 978-095888231-6

Published by Metropolitan Speleological Society (MSS) showcasing Abercrombie Caves.

Over the past 115 years, at least five publications have sought to cover Abercrombie Caves, but none covered all the various facets of the area. To address this shortcoming, Metropolitan Speleological Society (MSS) has put together the definitive book on the caving area that’s affectionately known as “Abers”. This wonderful book highlights not only the abundance of opportunities for some genuine exploration and adventure, but also its beautiful natural environment, abundant wildlife, and fascinating historic relics.

For the history buffs, Abercrombie Caves’ rich tapestry is documented in this publication along with chapters on the Wiraduri connection to Abercrombie Caves, early European exploration, impacts of the goldrush, and the development of the area for tourists.

For caving enthusiasts, chapters about cave formation, mineralogy, geology, and the challenges of managing karst areas are discussed comprehensively in the publication.

MSS have Included basic cave descriptions in the publication together with a selection of cave maps to illustrate the style of caves typical in the area. From the most striking feature at Abers, the enormous arch (reputed to be the largest in the southern hemisphere), to the side caves accessible within the arch and the smaller horizontal caves in the nearby bluffs, they are all there.

Beth Little, our project co-ordinator and the driving force behind the book said, “we've tried to cover all aspects of the area that would interest visitors, both tourists and cavers, from the links to First Nations, history, geology & mineralogy and the caves themselves. All with gorgeous images creating a beautiful coffee-table style book.” And we think she did us proud.

ASF members who order the book will also receive a stand-alone detailed map of the Arch (exclusively available with ASF member orders only).

Abercrombie Caves will retail for $45 + postage and handling (within Australia, international sales will be quoted individually).