Having entirely too much fun on a bushwalk
Having too much fun on a 2day walk – Image: Marilyn Scott


While bushwalks are sometimes seen by die-hard adventurers as something you have to put up with if you want to go canyoning, a large number of MSS members simply feel the need to “get away from it all”. This call of the wild can be anything from a half-day walk in the Blue Gum Forest to a more adventurous multi-day off track exploratory wilderness experience in the Gardens of Stone or Northern Wollemi.

Picture yourself walking across untracked ridges with stunning views of cliffs and pagodas, then arriving at a babbling brook. Doesn’t take long to set up camp, have a swim to wash off the sweat and dust, then get a roaring fire going. All that’s left is to sit back against a towering gum tree with the billy boiling and the stars sparkling above and enjoy a simple hearty meal with friends.

To top it off, we know all the good places to go to get away from it all. All you need is your backpack and camping gear and a sense of adventure!

If you’re new to bushwalking and want to “give it a go”, check out our gear list to see what you need to get started. We also have limited gear to loan out and we’re happy to share tips and details regarding gear purchase.